Increased Efficiency is key to your Company's competitiveness!
PlasNEC® Industrial

Increased Efficiency is key to your Company's competitiveness!

Industrial Conveyors Series 35 FlexNEC® PlasNEC®FlexNEC® PlasNEC®

Productivity Maximization | Sick Processes | Reduction of Manpower

The Industrial Conveyor is an equipment that assists in automation, making the process continuous. They are used in the movement and manipulation of materials and inputs, streamlining and automating specific processes PlasNEC® Industrial manufactures a wide range of Industrial Conveyors, Components and Accessories; We offer solutions for handling and handling of materials. In more than 80 industrial segments we operate, we have specific solutions for each need, in order to guarantee our customers greater efficiency, profitability and very low maintenance costs. Over 20 years of experience in the Brazilian market, we have developed and created a modular system called FlexNEC®, this system is totally modular, so our equipment is easy to assemble, practical, flexible for change and layout change, does not require hand Of specialized work, allows exclusion or inclusion of new modules, all components and accessories are PlasNEC® products. Among the 21 brands of Industrial Conveyors of our line, we mention 03 brands such as: MaxTTOP®, ModuBELT® and PlanBELTS®.

Indicated for Industry: Food, Beverages, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Hygiene & Cleaning, Chemistry, Graphic, Packaging, Autoparts, Metallurgy, Paper, Textile, Logistics, Refrigeration, among others.


Very Low Maintenance
Low Noise Level
Easy Assembly
Great Cost Benefit

Key Features:

Modulated: Standard modules;
Independent Drives / Drives;
Vertical Curves 5º, 15º 30º and 45º;
Horizontal Curves: 5th, 15th, 30th, 45th, 60th, 90th, 180th and 210th;
Horizontal and Vertical Sections Challenges and Curves.


Always consult PlasNEC® Industrial for the purchase of a new Industrial Conveyor. We have the right solution for material handling and handling. Get to know our complete line of PlasNEC® Industrial products and conveyors on our websites: and

PlasNEC® Industrial, makes available to download your Catalog of Industrial Conveyors Series 35 FlexNEC® PlasNEC®. Technical Catalog developed with 100 pages, with technical and specific content of the most important industrial conveyors manufactured by PlasNEC® Industrial. Content fully illustrated and with important information for consultation on Industrial Conveyors and Conveyor Belts..

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