Industrial Conveyors PlasNEC® Industrial

PlasNEC® Industrial holds 11 (eleven) brands of Industrial Conveyors.
Each Brand makes it possible to configure more than 25 industrial conveyor models. See our complete line of FlexNEC® PlasNEC® Industrial Conveyors, click here.
We operate in more than 80 industrial segments, making it possible to offer the correct type and model of conveyor for each application in the movement of its production line.

PlasNEC® Industrial has as main concept, manufacture Industrial Conveyors standard Modular System; We understand that being products in standard modules transforms the flexible conveyor for changes or layout changes, in this way your new lay-out will only include new modules or exclude existing modules without the need for specialized workmanship for these changes to occur in your plant Of production, thus guaranteeing speed, practicality and safety in the maintenance of the industrial conveyors manufactured by PlasNEC® Industrial in its production line.

PlasNEC® Industrial's policy is to ensure solid and lasting partnerships with our customers, as well as offer practical and effective solutions; Train and train our employees; Guarantee our customers, quality, respect, transparency and excellence.

For more information, visit our websites or
PlasNEC® Industrial Communication Channels, click here.

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